Friday, March 23, 2007


Hi, everyone!
I'll try keep this short because I have too many tennis balls to chase! I am the luckiest dog in the world! Angie and IBR saved me from a death sentence! Even though I was so sick, Angie saw that I was WORTH saving! Even though I was an old discarded dog with MANY medical issues, I still have a lot of life in me! Illinois Birddog Rescue raised money by selling Labrador t-shirts and they gave the money to my mom to help with my medical care! I wonder if there will be any thing left over for new tennis balls? Probably not because I still need treatment for being heartworm positive. Everyone is concerned because they say my heart is large. I'm not a vet...I am just an old dog...but...maybe it's bigger because I have a lot of love to share? AND I finally have someone of my own to love. Oh, yeah, and a few tennis balls!
Angie, thanks for not giving up on me!

Lots of sloppy labbie smooches, Nicky



Hello Lisa-- Thank you very much for the donation toward Nicky's care.
It is greatly appreciated.

Nicky is doing very well. He has been through extensive treatment for his
skin which was so damaged that he has places that are similar to elephant
skin. The mange and yeast are cleared up and the fleas are gone. I have been
giving him medicated baths and dipping him with lyme/sufa every week since I
got him. He is also still on antibiotics for his skin. His eye infections
have cleared up and his ear infections are much much better but he is still
on drops.

His main issue now is the heartworm. I had a chest x-ray done 1 month ago
and his heart is very enlarged. Likely a combination of age and the
heartworm damage. It is so large that my vet was afraid he may not be a
candidate for heartworm treatment.
She put him on a heart medication a month ago and we re-xrayed his chest
last week. His heart is the same size. After discussing the issue we decided
to go ahead and do the heartworm treatment. We started him on doxycycline
which has been determined to reduce the toxins produced by dead heartworms
which, in turn, reduces the potential side effects of the treatment. He will
be on the antibiotic for 3 more weeks and then we will start the treatment.
She is going to do a "slow-kill" method.
Hopefully everything will go well.

He has so much life left in him. He is very playful, affectionate and LOVES
toys. As you can see in the photos I have attached that he loves to chase
balls. He has the personality of a goofy puppy.
He intestinal parasites are gone and he has gained about 5 pounds. Still
could stand to put on about 5 more. That will come in time.
He is very happy, feels good and is living the good life. He is an absolute
joy to have around. He gets along great with all my dogs and my kitty. He is
also VERY smart and has never ever used the bathroom in the house.
Thank you again for your concern for him.

Thursday, February 1, 2007


UPDATE 01-29-07 Nicky was adopted by Angie White with Kentucky Animal Relief Fund in Louisville Ky. Nicky has been to the vet’s office and has multiple issues including heartworms, infections in both eyes and ears. We are sending any donations for his care directly to Angie. HE IS SAFE and in good hands!!

UPDATE 01-30-07 Angies states that fortunately Nicky's blookwork is normal and there is no coughing or heart murmur. She also said that today he seemed to feel better though he still tires easily. He likes to play with a tennis ball :-) .

Monday, January 15, 2007


Nicky was surrendered by his owner to have the shelter staff put him to sleep. Nicky is 13 years old. His owner has let him get scarcoptic mange and it hasn't been treated in a year.

Here is a direct quote from a volunteer at the shelter we are pulling Nicky from: "There are no records on Nicky. This dog has probably never been to the vet. I know he has had and probably still does have some type of mange because I saw him earlier this fall. The owner’s neighbor told me the dog was almost hairless until a neighbor soaked him in old motor oil…which works to treat mange. When I saw him this fall he looked a lot better than now and the neighbor told me he looked 100% better.

When I saw him again this past Saturday he looked very bad. I told the owner to take him to the vet and he opted to sign him over for me to put him to sleep. The owner said he has been hit by a car in the past probably a couple of times. He walks really gingerly which appears to be from arthritis. This boy is pitiful."